About Me

Name: Gina Vanessa Williams

Occupation: dancer

Age: 27 years old...

Measurements: 38DD -24-35

Height: 5 foot6.

Eyes: Blue

Favorite Things To Do: almost everything!!!

Favorite Car: Lamborghi Countach (red of course!!) Followed by Diablo

Hobbies: cars and my website for now...

People tell me I look like Sarah Jessica Parker. That girl from "Sex in the City". do you think so??? I dont know.... maybe. well- one thing is for sure- I have bigger Hooters! --- Others have told me I look like that girl in Pretender.... "Andrea Parker". so many parkers.. I should change my last name to Parker... geesh. I dont watch that show. can't say too much about her. Well- I'm really a dancer.... you probably wouldn't believe it..... My favorite Dance is the Genie Dance. i'm also great a partner for anything unique and fun to do.... like fixing cars..... riding in fast cars..... driving it..... drag racing it.... :-) I love to do new things.... i'm very adventurous.... so if you need a chick to go sky diving or hiking--- i'm the one for you!!! oh---- you should see the fun things i do in BED! LOL.