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My Bio

Height: 5'4"

Bust and Waist and Hip: 38D-22-32

Hair: Strawberry Blonde

Eyes: Sparkling Blue

Birthdate: December 28, 1981

Favorite Ice Cream: Pisacho Almonds! Baskin Robins!!

Favorite Movie: Wedding Singer

Favorite Song: Thank You by Dido
So, I see you want to get to know me? ;-) Well, I just graduated frum high school in June and decided to keep my cool job I had from co-op at this Insurance company... it's a smll place so I don't do much. All I really have to do really is answer the phone, take messages & return people's phone calls. Occasionally, I'd have to check on peoples files on the PC or file papers or fax stuff... but that's easy! My boss is a really nice guy. He's planning to give me a raise and promotion after he gets me trained on some other stuff... then I'll be able to get commission too!

I thought about college but decided I'll probably wait a year after I make enough money. Right now I need all the money I could get. Besides, my parents wouldn't be able to afford college now anyways considering the horrible market. I'm hoping that this website might help me make some $. [hint hint]

Oh, you might have noticed my Betty Boop on the back of my left shoulder... yeah, I got a tattoo. What happened was that my friends and I got drunk 1 night over spring break and we all ended up in this tattoo parlor. Well, the next morning I found out that Betty Boop wasn't the only thing I had stuck to my body... anyways if you really want to know where the other tatoo(s) ended up, just join my site and we could "get up close and personal" with each other... then, I wouldn't mind "showing" it to you! [wink wink]

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